Meet the Beautiful Beast: Haylee Brown

Beautiful Beasts of Softball
Haylee Brown

Introducing Haylee Brown,

Utility player, primarily MIF, Uncommitted GPA-3.0. SAT-900 Kilgore, TX.

Skills & Profile:

Twitter: Haylee Brown-2021 @HayleeBrown2021

With the unprecedented shutdown, reopening, and now partial closing again of the country due to COVID-19, what are your thoughts dealing with this? Do you know anyone who has been sicken with it? How are you staying engaged with friends? 

When this pandemic came through at first, I had no idea how to feel about it. I didn’t know what to think. I have received a better understanding since then, and I am forever grateful for this pandemic coming through. I say that, because during this time I have really dialed in and focused on my future. I have emailed softball college coaches and even got on the phone with some of them. I do not know anyone that has been sicken with COVID-19, and I hope it stays that way. I made sure to finish all my school week weeks prior to everything being due, so I can enjoy my summer and make more time for my friends. I have a small group of friends, but my small group and I talk almost every single day. 

Can you list all awards received playing softball?

Softball Awards: 
Stolen Base Champ-2016
Sportsmanship Excellence-2018
Homerun Hitter-2018

Do you have a nick name? What are you known as by your teammates, friends, and your parents?

95% of the time, I go by just Haylee. Throughout the years of me playing, I have definitely gotten some nicknames. One of my favorites has to be slider, because I am always getting dirty. 

Can you list your stats if known: velocity throwing the ball overhand home to 1st speed, batting avg. slugging avg, homeruns, exit speed off tee, etc., (PITCHERS: pitching velocity, best control pitches) (CATCHERS: Pop-time)

Throwing Velocity (overhand)- 61 MPH
Batting Velocity- 68 MPH

2019 stats below:
At-bats: 67
Runs Scored: 13
Singles: 14
Doubles: 9
Triples: 2
Hits: 25
Walks: 11
Total Bases: 38
Batting Average: .373
On Base Percentage: .462
Slugging Percentage: .567

On Base + Slugging: 1.029
Runs Batted In (RBIS): 17
Strikeouts: 4
Stolen Bases: 9

How long have you been playing softball? And is softball your first sport or only sport?

I have been playing softball since I was 9 years old, so for 8 years. Softball is the only sport I play now, I used to do basketball, shot put, and discus. 

If junior or senior: Have you been on any official or unofficial college visits? 

I have not, but I should be getting some in hopefully this upcoming fall. 

If you have committed to a college, can you share with us the process that you followed?

I have not committed to a college, but I look forward to hopefully saying that I have in the near future. 

What position do you play? Why? 

I play wherever the coach needs me, minus pitcher. I love playing shortstop or second the absolute most, because I love having the captain of the infield role at shortstop and I love playing second because of how much ground you have to cover at second base. 

If you have ever been injured please answer, if not then skip: Can you tell me about your injuries? Details of what, how, when and your road to recovery?  

I have my share of injuries, I would say this past year before there COVID-19 came through; I dove for a ball in foul ground play while playing shortstop. When I landed, my shoulder popped twice. I ended up slightly tearing my labrum. The doctor recommended that I did PT, and took it day by day to make sure it healed properly. He didn’t think surgery was necessary. I have made a full recovery after four and half months of being out.

The biggest highlight to date playing softball?

The biggest highlight of my career would have to be getting the offer to play for America’s Team-Team Texas-Team USA in Spain. 

Tell something about your long-term dreams and goal.

One of my dreams is to play college softball, and one  of my goals is to always stay positive no matter how hard it gets. 

What is something about you that others would not know, that you are willing to share?

This may sound crazy, but I’m very outgoing; yet I get very bashful when I have to order my food at the restaurant. 

How important is attending camps to you for the recruiting process?

In my opinion, if you are attending a camp for any college that shows me you are very interested in that specific school program and school.

You are the “hidden gem” that I scour the internet to find, what took you so long to get on Twitter?

I am not a huge social media person, so that’s why it took me so long to get a Twitter; yet I’m glad I got it when I did, because now any college coach can come talk to me. 

How has being a student-athlete impacted your life?

Becoming a student athlete has impacted my life for the better, it’s shown me that nothing is given to you. I have to work hard in one department to be able to succeed in the other one. I wouldn’t want it any other way, I love being a student athlete. 

What makes you tick? What has shaped your journey in life to now? 

Being brought down for being such a positive light, and as I continue to be brought down for it; I will continue to be one since I do not want to dim down to their level. 

Being a student-athlete is a huge commitment for you. What does it mean to you, to have your family support you?

To have my family support means absolutely everything to me. They have always been there for me after a great win or a horrible loss. They have been there to take care of me if I’m injured, and always there to make sure I’m okay. I wouldn’t be here without their constant love and support every single day. 

How important is it to you and your family to be recruited to attend college on a scholarship?

It is very important to us, because it will show that all of my hard work paid off. All of those hours of practice, all those tournaments, and most importantly all the money spent so I can fulfill my dream of playing at the next level. 

Do you know what degree field you are going to study, and why? 

Yes, I want to study Kinesiology as my major to hopefully become a physical therapist and Communication as a minor. 

How important is team chemistry for success, compared to without it? 

Team chemistry is so important to me, there is no “I” in team, and softball is a game where you all have to come together to get the outcome you want. You don’t win the game, because of one person, you win the game as a team. 

What are your thoughts about how important the “dugout” atmosphere (when winning and losing?)

The dugout atmosphere should ALWAYS be pumped up and loud, no matter the score on the scoreboard. It should be filled with positivity from the time the game starts to when the game ends no matter what. 

Part of being a “Beautiful Beast” is the ability to overcome obstacles. (not trying to be too personal) but what obstacles have you faced and had to overcome and how did softball help in that effort? 

I would say one of the biggest obstacles I had to face was in 2018, and that was moving to a different city with a brand new school. It was really hard on me, because the city I lived in was my home for ten years; and now I’ve been in a new city for the past two years. I absolutely love it, but I miss home every single day. I had to earn a spot on the team with a new group of girls and coaches, and it helped me become more of a team player in the end softball wise.

What makes you a great teammate? 

I believe what makes me a good teammate is I’m very encouraging. I will always be there for my teammates to boost them up, and make my teammates smile if they’re upset. I will have your back and I will cheer you on.

What is your favorite music? 

My favorite type of music really depends on my mood that day, but my top two favorite genres are rap and country. 

Your ideal “walk-up” song? 

My ideal walk up song is “Hustlin” by Rick Ross. 

What do you think your best skills are? 

I think my best skills are my power, and if we need to advance runners then I can bunt. I am a switch hitter, so I can see the ball on both sides of the plate which I absolutely love. 

Do you have idols that you look up to? Why?

Yes, I look up to my parents. They have always inspired me to do my best no matter what, and never give up. 

How important is the mental toughness in the game, school, and life?

It is so valid and important to me, and mental toughness can be very difficult at times; however it really helps you shape you into the person you are. 

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote is by Mahatma Gandhi, and the quote is “Be the CHANGE that you wish to see in the world.”

Softball Quote?

My favorite softball quote is by Jennie Finch, and the quote is “Don’t under-estimate yourself. You are more capable than you think. Keep working. Don’t give up.”

Leadership Quote?

My favorite leadership quote is by Brian Tracy, and the quote is “The best leaders have a high consideration factor. They really care about their people.”

Family/Life Quote? 

My favorite/life quote is always said by my mom, and the quote is “Be you, for you.”

Bible quote or other that really inspires you?

My favorite bible quote is “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

What stereotypes bother you? 

~You only start because you are the head coaches kid

~You throw like a girl 

What motivates you?  

The main thing that motivates me is positivity. I love to be around people like myself. My family as well motivates me. 

What are your thoughts on social media, as there is so much good content but there is also a lot of inappropriate, irrelevant, and drama. How do you strike a balance? 

Social media can either be a really good place for someone to be on, or a really negative place for a person be on. I don’t focus on the things that aren’t important to me, or won’t help me become a better athlete or person. If I don’t like it, I don’t engage in it. 

Coaches Quotes.

“Haylee is a hard worker. Definitely puts in the time to better herself as an athlete. She competes well and loves to be pushed. Haylee, is definitely outgoing. Very easy to get along with and smiles often. She is a great kid and teammate.”

Ronnie Cooper, Head Coach, Centex Buzz

“Haylee is a very passionate and dedicated athlete on and off the field. She exhibits 100% effort in every play of every game. Besides having a strong arm, good glove, and consistent, solid bat, she’s also very versatile in several positions (pretty much anywhere expect P). She has a strong work ethic and strives to improve with every practice by taking constructive criticism and applying it to make her a better ball player.
Haylee is the definition of a social butterfly, never meets a stranger…on and off the field. She is caring and compassionate for her teammates and friends. She exhibits a positive attitude and leadership qualities in everything she does.”

Sherri Brown, Head Coach, Mansfield Legends/ETX Xplosion

Parents Quotes.

“God gifted Haylee with the amazing ability to never meet a stranger. She has always been very outgoing and friendly with a willingness to uplift others. Whether she’s hanging out with family and friends, at school, or on the softball field she remains a bright light. Not only is Haylee positive, but she is also a great leader who is constantly encouraging others while also pushing herself to be better and achieve more. As her parents, we couldn’t be more proud of the young woman Haylee is becoming, and we are even more excited to see where her future goes.”

Teammates Quotes.

“No matter where Haylee is placed on the field, I have the confidence and trust that she will execute the play and execute it well. On and off the field she makes sure to keep other’s spirits up. and she plays her fullest until the last out is called.”

Cerenity Exline – Teammate, Kilgore High School Lady Bulldogs

“Haylee Brown is both an amazing athlete and fantastic teammate! She is extremely passionate and always has a great attitude on the field. Playing with her is very enjoyable, she keeps the dugout loud and is always supporting every teammate through both the great plays and errors. There is never a dull moment when Haylee is part of the team and she would make a wonderful addition to any team. She is very dedicated and will never stop working to be the absolute best she can be.”

Paige Hendrix, former select teammate, Mansfield Legends

“Haylee is a wonderful because she is very determined, she doesn’t let anyone stop her from working hard. She pushes herself beyond her limits and is very quick in the infield. When it comes to teamwork, Haylee is very keen on this and playing with her was a wonderful experience. Lastly, I feel as if Haylee is great because even when she gets hurt she never stops playing if she doesn’t have to, this sport means so much to her that she’ll play through the pain.

Shashauna Arrington, former select teammate, Mansfield Legends

“Haylee is a team player and Haylee will do anything for your team. Haylee puts everything she got into the game at all times. Haylee always pushes herself but she always pushes her teammates even more. Haylee isn’t worried about who’s watching, who she’s playing with, or who the other team is, she just plays, because that’s what she loves to do.”

Marcela Morales, former select teammate-Mansfield Legends

“Haylee Brown is a great athlete on the field. When she plays she is dedicated and won’t stop until she is the greatest she is. When she plays she plays her whole heart out and you can tell she loves the game. She has great attitude, she cheers on her teammates very loudly and is always positive even when making a mistake.”

Lilyana Dibble, former teammate, TMB-National Team-Platinum

Editors Quote.

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